Add-ons for T1s and Fractional T1s

Additional IP Addresses
If you need IP addresses beyond the block of 16 we include with your service, Panix can provide them.
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Domain Name Service (DNS) for Additional Domains:
Panix will provide primary and/or secondary DNS for up to 16 domain names, at no additional charge to T3 subscribers. If you have more domain names, and don't want to run your own nameserver, Panix can handle your other DNS needs as well.
Primary DNS: $50/year per additional domain
Secondary DNS: $25/year per additional domain
Individual Mailboxes
For your users to receive email from the Internet directly, your network must contain an SMTP-based mail server.
If you'd rather not run your own mail server, we can provide them with individual mailboxes on Panix. Mail can be retrieved from these mailboxes using POP, IMAP or webmail.
Mailboxes: $5/month ($50/year prepaid) per mailbox
Block of Mailboxes: $20/month ($200/year prepaid) for 10 mailboxes
A separate mailbox is required for each person using this method.

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