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Panix has been providing Internet connections since 1989. In the years since then, we've developed a reputation for technical know-how, reliability and customer service unmatched by today's vast and impersonal Internet providers.
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All Panix accounts feature shell login access to our UNIX hosts; email, USENET newsgroups, and many popular UNIX apps, utilities, and compilers are available online. Email is accessible via webmail, IMAP, and POP when you aren't logged in from the shell.
You can use your disk space to store files for later download, keep copies of your email, set up your personal Web page on the ("www.panix.com" server), or all three. Your disk space is protected by our RAID fileserver with multiple daily snapshots of your directories and nightly tape backups.
All Panix shell services can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet via telnet, ftp, ssh, and the like. Direct Dial adds dialup capability, through a terminal emulator program.

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All Panix accounts are subject to the terms and restrictions found in The Panix Rules of Use. Some accounts and features may be subject to additional restrictions; see The Panix Policies page for details.

Panix shell services include:

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