Xyphr Zine Discourses 6:12, 21


Xyphr Zine

Historically the Cyberpunk nitche was filled by Mondo 2000. M2k as a glossy cyberculture magazine published in California during the 1980s and 1990s. It covered cyberpunk topics such as virtual reality and smart drugs.

Xyphr is a continuation of this genre of zines in modern ages with collections of community summitted art, articles, and stories dedicated to cyberpunk, metaverse, and digital culture.

How to get a copy

Your there, on the sidebar is a collection of articles and content. A pdf and print version is available to the adventurous decker and fellows of our patreon.

Want a copy to show off then feel free to get the latest edition of the zine at Deep Vellum, in Downtown Dallas, through out the Capital area, at NYC2600, or online.

Early releases are always sent to Patreon members first then to XM Core BBS members.

Why the weird looking site

Why not capture the aesthetic in the best way posible with a UI design that was ahead of its time doing the Silver age of Cyberpunk?

If one is familar with plan9 or the acme editor. Then the site should look familar. One can thank Rob Pike for the insparation. Plus thanks goes to both sdf freeshell and panix for hosting both the site and plan9 based virtual desktop we develop this project on.


To contribute to this project, head over to its subreddit and submit your content there.

The community will vote on it and the top voters are added to the collection of Xyphr Zine.


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