JV III Shop @ Keystone

2-22 51st Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101

718-784-7078 (booking) --- 718-937-6448 (shop) --- 646-662-7669 (cel)

E-mail: jviii@verizon.net

Light fabrication of scenery & props

     Fully equipped small shop

     Serving small media and still projects

     Low overhead pre-construction, prior to location or stage work

     Ground floor access

     Stock and rental items


Keep the sawdust where it belongs:  off the stage and away from rented locations.

Some scenery and props jobs are too small to be efficient using a full-time, full-size scenic studio. Facility overhead and management costs add both time and expense. The alternative of packaging your own crew and building onstage or at your location involves yet another set of trade-offs:  Perhaps the rate of a build day is expensive, or the stage not available -- or the location just isn't accommodating to the sound of saws or clouds of sawdust......

A small shop space gives a producer or production manager an intermediate choice.

Using a small rental shop, a build can take place with moderate cost, easy layout, handy tools, and the built units can be easily trucked to camera.

Arriving at the shooting site with pre-built units, even as ready-to-assemble kits, always simplifies setup and makes for a much shorter and more productive day.

      The 25'x35' shop space is equipped with a well-maintained table saw, radial arm saw, drill press, and jointer as well as compressors and a large complement of pneumatic and power hand tools.

      Dust collection

      Shop has street level access with roll-up door to a covered interior loading zone.

Convenient to Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, the shop is located in Hunters Point, Long Island City, just above the Midtown Tunnel, across the East River from Midtown:  .

      Two blocks from the Vernon-Jackson stop of the #7 Subway

      Near the Queens-side landing of NY Waterway's 34th Street Ferry

      Over a dozen sound stages are within a mile:  Silvercup, Broadway, Cinema World, Farkas, Paris, MTI, HBO, and other midtown and East Side stages.

      Close to 2 lumber yards, industrial hardware stores, a theatrical hardware store, Janovic’s main warehouse and only 15 min. from a 24-hour Home Depot in Astoria.

The space can function as a rental site for your own crew, or given notice, it can be staffed with a resident crew.

Land line and computer setup for on-line communication

      Files, photos, or drawings can be e-mailed, faxed in, or browsed

      AutoCad on workstation. 

Rates quoted upon request

To visit the shop, please set up an appointment.

Contact: Jim Jenkins

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Revision: 11-20-05