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  Subscription price Disk Space* Transfers (T) per month or Bandwidth (B) Extra transfers # of
Setup fee Add-ons available Notes
Cheap-web $5/month ($50/year prepaid) 6 GB* 10 GB (T) $0.10/GB 1 No setup fee Price does not include the required Panix shell service.
Standard $35/month ($350/year prepaid) 12 GB* 100 GB (T) $0.10/GB 1 No setup fee Price is for 1 site/domain, plus the required Panix shell service.
Advanced $99/month ($1089/year prepaid) 45 GB* 400 GB (T) $0.10/GB 3 No setup fee Includes 3 sites/domains
Developer $225/month ($2475/year prepaid) 60 GB* 1000 GB/month (T) $0.10/GB unlimited No setup fee Unlimited sites/domains
Dedicated $350/month ($3850/year prepaid) 100 GB 1 Mbps (B) $100 16 IPs $350 Unlimited sites/domains

* Disk space is allocated to the required shell account for your web services, and may be shared between multiple web sites.
For full details and all of the fine print, please refer to the full service description.

If none of the services above meet your needs, and you are comfortable mananging your own server, we offer alternatives in the form of Colocation, either physical or virtual.

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