Paying for Panix

Paying by Check

Checks should be made out to "Public Access Networks Corp", and mailed to:
Public Access Networks Corp
127 W 83rd St #219
New York, NY 10024

Please put your account name (login name) on the check, and if you are paying something other than the amount on your current bill, please indicate CLEARLY what your payment is covering.

You can check the status of your account by logging into our secure server at If you prefer to use the shell, the program "whenami" will tell you the date through which your fees are paid. You can tell when your check has been received by running "whenami", although in most cases you will also get an e-mail receipt sent automatically by the accounting program.

Paying by Credit Card
You can check your bill and pay securely on the Web! If you'd rather not descend into UNIX, simply go to our secure server, Payment options and do it there.

To pay by credit card, you must register your credit card, AND charge an amount. The "card" and "charge" programs allow you perform these respective steps from the shell. If you use the Panix menu shell, the Accounting sub-menu is there for account with billing access.

You can also authorize us to charge your account automatically. This is an optional arrangement; it's not set up by default. You can turn it on yourself: Payment options.

Or, if you prefer, anyone authorized to handle payments for the account can call us at +1 (212) 741-4400 any time M-F between 10am and 6pm (NYC time) and request it. (We'll ask you to authenticate using the challenge and response set up with your account.) If it's more convenient, you can send mail from the address of the billing contact for the account.

Note that there are some possible payment amounts for which the the online charge system is not configured. If you have questions about this, please send email to accounting.

More information about services and prices is available elsewhere on our web site. While we offer discounts to those who pay for a year of service at a time, we recommend that you not pay for longer-term services than you know you will use since Panix fees are non-refundable.

If you have any questions about accounting matters- suspensions, problems, procedures, etc.- please read the help file Answers to Common Accounting Questions. Please read _all_ of it. If you don't see an answer to your question, then please send email to accounting.

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