Why doesn't my backspace/delete key work?

In the computer world, there are two conflicting standards for the code that a "delete" key should send. Panix uses the real delete code, which in computer terms is called "ascii 127" or "rubout", while many PC or Mac telecommunications programs use "ascii 8" or "backspace". However, panix is capable of adjusting to either standard, and so are almost all PC or Mac telecom programs.

If you can easily adjust your telecom program, you should do so (especially if you use the "emacs" editor here on panix). If not, here are the instructions for teaching panix to understand your software's standard.

For Panix Menu System users
At any time, when you see the "Panix>" prompt (for example, as soon as you have logged in), just hit your delete key. Panix will set itself to support whichever key you've just hit. Currently, you need to do this each time you log in but we will be changing our software soon so that it will remember which key to use.
For all shell users

For backspace users-- stty erase '^H'
For DEL (RUB) users-- stty erase '^?'

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