Editors on Panix

Panix supports several editors that may be used for creating text files, Usenet posts and mail messages.

The editors available on panix are:

Also available are two programs for editing your ".newsrc" file - the file in your home directory that keeps track which newsgroups you are subscribed to and which articles you've read:

eep - EEP! v1.9, Easy Editor Program for .newsrc files

If you use the menu interface, you can get to choose-news by selecting the C(onfigure) option of the Main Menu and then selecting to configure News.

You can get information on any of the above editors except choose-news using the 'man' command. For example, the command "man joe" will show you the online manual for the 'joe' editor. Users of the Panix Menu Shell ('psh') must first escape from psh using the ! command before using 'man'. See also the document Downloading manuals in the Panix help-system.

Panix also has several editor tutorial programs online. Online editor tutorials include:

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