Restrictons on Mail Forwarding

The restrictions below apply only to automatic forwarding. They do not apply to your decision to pass along an individual email message to one or more of your correspondents using your mail client.

Panix offers several different options for forwarding mail. Because indiscriminate forwarding implicates our servers in the spread of spam and virus/worm mail, we require spam blocking and virus protection whenever mail from Panix is forwarded to another site. (Virus checking can be implemented via webmail or via procmail.)

Panix may also institute blocking on an account in response to spam complaints.

The following restrictions apply.

Mail forwarding from you Panix account
If you setyour Panix mailbox to forward mail to an account on another site, we require that you turn on at least the default set of spam blocks (currently the Zen blocklist, Panix's anti-virus filter, and SpamAssassin.
Using the vacation program or a custom auto-responder

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