Using Procmail on Panix

To disable quickly

If you ever need to disable procmail in a hurry the shortcut to turn it off is to disable forwarding. You can do this by running
forward -d
from the command line,
or by running
forward -e
from the command line and adding a "#" to the beginning of the line that contains "procmail",
or you can
log into webmail, go to the Options page and select Mail Forwarding Options, and modify your forwarding instructions there.

Procmail help pages


Procmail is a powerful mail processing program (hence the name) that allows you to filter and sort your mail as it is delivered to your account. It can be programmed to forward selected messages to a different addresses, or to sort mail into different folders on the basis of return address, subject line, or just about any other criterion you can think of, and even to cause headers to be added or modified to certain messages. Because it's such a powerful program, it can be difficult to master.

Note that you might not need to use Procmail at all! If what you want is spam filtering, or to filter mail from different mailing lists into separate folders, the new mail system has some easy-to-use built-in tools for you!
Log in to the Panix Webmail system ( (don't forget to use your full email address) and click "Options".

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