Web Pages in the www.panix.com domain

Panix offers a personal Web page free with every single-user account we sell. Your Web files count towards your disk usage on Panix, and you get 10 GB in free traffic ("hits") on your Web site per month.

(Additional disk space and/or hits in excess of 10 GB in a month are subject to extra fees. See Shell Add-ons for details.)

Your page will be on the Panix webserver, in a directory matching your username. (For example, if you're "somebody@panix.com", your Web page will be "www.panix.com/~somebody/".

Can I have my own domain name?
Sure. But then your web page isn't in the www.panix.com domain. Check out the web pages in your own domain section.
How do I set up my personal web page
To set up your page, type charlotte at a UNIX shell prompt on Panix.
Charlotte will create a base web space for you on the Web server, and create a link to it in your home directory called webspace so you can get there easily. webspace/personal_web is your personal web directory.
How do I upload my files?

Use an FTP client like Cyberduck (Mac), FileZilla (Mac, Windows) or WinSCP (Windows). Open a connection to shell.panix.com, and authenticate with your your Panix username and password. You will be shown a list of the directories in your account.

If you have a symlink called webspace, this points to a base directory within which your document roots reside. Typically, the subdirectory you want is the domain name minus the root domain, e.g. for the domain example.com, your document root would be webspace/example. If you have multiple domains pointing at the same root, it will typically be the domain fragment from the first such service created. The subdirectory may be different if you specifically requested a different one when you signed up. If you do not have a domain, the subdirectory will be 'personal_web'.

If you do not have a 'webspace' symlink, then you should choose either public_html for cheap-web service or personal web, or corp-web for Standard, Advanced, or Developer Web.

If you have questions about our personal web service, please send email to staff@panix.com. Information can also be found in the newsgroup panix.user.html and in the Panix Web Frequently Asked Questions list.

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