Frequently-Asked Questions about Web Pages

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Web pages in the domain
How do I set up my website?
How do I upload my files?
Can I have a domain name?
Web pages in your own domain
What options are there for web pages in my own domain?
How do I set up a web site in my own domain?
How do I upload my files?
How do I safely move a working site to Panix?
Why isn't my site loading?
What image formats can I use
How do I create or modify subdomains and MX records?
Keeping track of traffic
Statistics, Counters, and Transfer Limits
How do I find out how much traffic my site is getting, and from where?
What happens if I exceed my transfers limit?
Can I set a transfer limit?
What is Webalizer?
How do I use Webalizer?
Can I have my Webalizer output automatically generated?
How do I interpret the Webalizer report?
How do I use TLS (SSL) to protect my site?
Now that I have an SSL certificate, how do I redirect my web traffic to HTTPS?
How do I use chmod to set file permissions?
How do I use .htaccess and .htpassd to control access to my site (or parts of it) with passwords?
What are cookies and how do they work?
How do I keep spammers from exploiting my web scripts?
What is CGI*?
What programming language are available?
Where should I keep my CGI scripts?
My script isn't working? How do I troubleshoot it?
How do I use PHP with my Panix website?
How do I use Perl with my Panix website?
What Perl modules are available?
How do I send form content via email?
How do I use HTML::Mason with my Panix website?
Popular Blogging Software
Installing Wordpress on Panix
Installing Drupal7 on Panix
HTML References
HTML Tutorial
Cascading Style Sheets
HTML Primer
Web Color Chart
Server Side Includes Tutorial
Html Validation Tool
The W3Cs's Proposal for the HTML 4 Standard
The W3Cs's Proposal for the HTML 5 Standard
A List Apart Magazine

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