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In his 1933 The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Dr. Wilhelm Reich formulated his theory that many social evils – greed, war, racism, authoritarianism – are product of the sadomasochistic sexuality bred by repressive, patriarchal culture.  Working in Germany with the Association for Proletarian Sex-Politics to fight the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, Reich taught that fascism is the response of the frustrated little dictator in the human psyche who, terrified by the natural expression of love, can only find pleasure in cruelty and coercion.  In his psychiatric theory and practice, Reich sought to combat what he called the “Emotional Plague of Mankind” by freeing people from the “character-armoring” which made them easy prey for dictatorial social relations.  Years ahead of his time, Reich was forced to flee Germany with the Nazi ascendancy.

It seems clear now that the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004 is becoming a global catastrophe comparable to Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s. Indeed, the world has seen few governments since the Nazis so bent on world destruction as the Bush Mob's. Yet as the list of their crimes against nature and humanity continues to grow longer, much of the American public seems hypnotized by the Administration’s lies and police state tactics. We are plagued by a paralyzing fear that we are powerless in the face of this evil.

In the U.S., during the dark years of the early Cold War and the McCarthy witch-hunt, Wilhelm Reich began using his “Cloudbusters” in an effort to dissipate the atmospheric concentrations of paranoia, right-wing hatred, and nuclear fallout sweeping across the country.  His research showed that many phenomena in nature depended upon the “orgonomic potential” between energetic systems, and he theorized that, just as a lightning rod attracts atmospheric electrical energy, his Cloudbuster functioned by redirecting the flow of Life Energy (Orgone) through the sky.  With proper redirection of the Orgone flow, the fascist energy accumulating in the American countryside could be rendered harmless.  Reich’s work was a struggle of Life against Death – Love against Fear – and because of the threat this posed, he was incarcerated by the U.S. government, which also ordered the burning of all extant copies of his writings.  In 1956 in NYC, under FBI supervision, six tons of his books were burned.  Reich died in prison in 1957. 

Today, with stupidity, evil, and death staring at us from the apish visage of George W. Bush, there is new and necessary inspiration to be found in Wilhelm Reich’s teachings and discoveries. Orgone – the Life Energy of the Cosmos – can release us from the bondage of idiocy. If enough of us come together, as Patti Smith sings: “We can wrestle the earth from fools!” People have the Power.

The project of the BOP Collective is to carry on the work of Reich and all free-thinkers who envision future for humanity where greed and domination will not rule our minds and bodies.


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