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Anti-RNC Project Abstract:

The deadly concentrations of greed and hatred accumulating in midtown Manhattan during the Republican National Convention will pose a serious health threat to the city’s residents – and, indeed, to the residents of the entire planet.  The Brooklyn Orgastic Politics Collective will be working to reduce this threat through the prophylactic use of our Cloudbusters – with the proper redirection of atmospheric Orgone Energy, it may be possible to fully dissipate the cloud of evil hanging over the city.  Our September 2nd Orgone operations will begin at approximately 6 P.M. and continue until midnight, from one or more undisclosed locations along the Brooklyn waterfront.  During this six hour period the increased Life Energy in the atmosphere over New York City will liberate positive emotion and healthy sexuality throughout the region, with a targeted focus on the blocks around 7th Avenue and 34th Street.  Research suggests that deep inside every Republican is a genuine human being who just wants to be loved.  The proper application of Orgone Energy may allow us to restore these people to health.

Metaphorically speaking, our September 2nd project will be an attempt to give the sky a blowjob.  Or to pleasure its clitoris – whichever way you’d prefer to conceive it.  Our Cloudbusters will be drawing in fresh Orgone Energy from the air over the Atlantic, creating a suction over midtown.  As we increase the orgonomic potential in the sky, we will, in effect, vacuum away the fascist energy generated in Madison Square Garden, allowing the life-affirmative Orgone to prevail over its deadly counterpart.  If our theories prove correct, it may thus be possible to induce significant behavioral changes in the Republican conventioneers. 

In fact, the heavy character-armoring which Republican adult males typically carry is a very brittle and fragile defense mechanism.  Experimental orgonomy has shown that this armor can often be relaxed and broken down, allowing healthy sexuality to flow through the musculature again.  Substantial recovery of orgastic potency is often possible, and many patients are able to rebuild their lives around principles of love, trust, and compassion, and become useful members of the community rather than social parasites.

However, in certain very “hardened” cases, character-armoring is too deep and rigidified, and at the merest threat of its breakdown, the individual reacts with fascist extremism and anal hysteria.  These people’s pathology is perhaps beyond therapeutic intervention, and we recognize the possibility that our September 2nd Orgone operations may push them into schizophrenic sensory overload.  Although the BOP Collective regrets the potential danger our operations poses to these sick individuals, we feel that the planetary emergency warrants our action.  For men like Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft, permanent institutionalization may be the only answer.   Other far-right Republicans with less distorted character structures can perhaps, over time, be rehabilitated.

We expect our Orgone operations to climax at between 9 and 10 P.M., as George W. Bush mounts the podium to accept the re-nomination.  During this time, the flow of Life Energy into Madison Square Garden will reach full intensity. 

If our theories prove correct, it may be possible to reduce the entire convention floor to a quivering Saturnalia. The moans of Love shall ring out across the Land!