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The Cloudbuster and Orgone Theory

In one of the most affluent nations in the world, how can we explain the persistence of the ignorance, avarice, and hatred of life epitomized by the Bush Administration and its supporters? How can humans continue in behavior which overwhelming evidence shows is maddening, brutalizing, and ultimately self-destructive? Are human beings naturally greedy and stupid, or are they conditioned that way?

The pioneering research of Wilhelm Reich suggests that the answers to these questions lie in the unnatural, life-negating ethos of our mechanized civilization, where knowledge has become game-show trivia, love a consumer commodity, and work an unconscious automatism. In our Sex-Pol operations, the BOP Collective seeks to revive interest in Reich’s theories, and to raise consciousness about our culture’s swift descent into ever more insidious forms of body-hatred and ecocide. Our September 2nd, 2004 Republican National Convention Cloudbusting operation was an attempt to demonstrate the power of Life Energy in the face of evil.

What is Orgastic Potency?

As Reich writes, “Orgastic potency is the capacity to surrender to the flow of biological energy, free of any inhibitions; the capacity to discharge completely the dammed-up sexual excitation through involuntary, pleasurable convulsions of the body.”

Although sexual orgasm is the most dramatic discharge of biological energy, music, dance, poetry, healthy athletics, and pleasurable work have similar life-affirmative effects on the human organism. In all of these, we surrender to the rhythms of the body’s inspiration and respiration, the pulse of the heartbeat and blood, and shed the fearful egocentric grasping characteristic of capitalist culture, finding connection to our fellow humans and the cosmos. To the right is a diagram depicting the arc of the sexual act in orgastically potent men and women.

However, in many individuals—indeed, too many – the heavy character-armoring encouraged by repressive, parasitic social relations serves to inhibit the natural flow of Orgone bio-energy, and often the only way these people can experience pleasure is through militarism, sado-masochism, greed, and cruelty. Typically, these individuals have stiff, spastic facial expressions and are unable to move their pelvises except in a constrained, robotic manner. The BOP Collective has obtained revealing data on the frustrated orgasm arcs of a number of such people in the Bush Administration, shown below:

Not only does the bound energy of the incrusted emotions produce fascist anal hysteria, but also carcinogenic molecular free radicals, also shown. The heavily armored individual is not only a menace to society, but to himself. Because of this bioenergetic distortion, a palpable aura of rage and hatred emanates from these pathological people – this can be identified as Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR). In large groups, such as the Republican National Convention, the great quantity of DOR produced can have a crippling, evil effect for miles around.

How Does the Cloudbuster Work to Dissipate DOR?

In Reich's schematic diagram at the bottom of the page, the Cloudbuster is drawing fresh and healthy Orgone Energy to displace and dispel the evil, Deadly Orgone Energy represented by the dark cloud. In a similar way, during the BOP Collective’s September 2nd operations, our Brooklyn cloudbuster drew Orgone from above the Atlantic Ocean – and created a vacuum effect over Manhattan, sucking the DOR from midtown and the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden. By allowing positive Life Energy to flow into the bodies of the delegates and Bush Administration officials, we had hoped for a complete breakdown of inhibition and authority. Unfortunately, the concentrated fascist pathology of the convention overwhelmed our efforts.