Server Colocation

If you have a specialized server strategy, or would like to administer your own machine without the added cost of a leased-line connection, you can colocate it with Panix. Colocated servers are plugged directly into an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in our existing cage at a major NYC facility, and are provided with remote power switch control and remote serial console access.

Rack space
SizePricePower Charge
Mac Mini $95.00/month No monthly charge
1U $100.00/month $25/month
2U $175.00/month $25/month
3U $225.00/month $25/month
4U $250.00/month $25/month
One-time setup fee: $100

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The base price includes:

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Don't need a full 1U or Mac Mini?

Check out our V-Colo: Virtual Colocated Servers.

Server colocation Extras and Add-Ons:
Additional IP addresses/domains - available in these blocks:
 +16 (32 total) $15/month
 +48 (64 total) $45/month
 +112 (128 total) $105/month
 +176 (192 total) $165/month
 +240 (256 total) $225/month
Additional ethernet ports: $25/month per port

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