Email Services

Whether you're looking for a few mailboxes in your own domain, centralized mail processing for your whole network, or a way to maintain your correspondence as a mailing list, Panix has an email package to fit your needs.

If you don't need access to a Unix shell, but want a reliable provider that allows you to set your own spam filtering and virus control, a mailbox may be just the thing.
Forwarded Domain Service
If you would like to direct mail to addresses in your domain, Forwarded Domain Service will do that for you. You can use addresses as pointers to existing mailboxes on Panix or elsewhere, or you can establish POP or IMAP mailboxes in your own domain.
Mailing Lists
You can run a mailing list on our server, from your Panix address or, if you have a domain, you can use that domain for your list address.

Spam Control
Panix provides two kinds of anti-spam measures, both fully configurable by our users.
Spam Blocking
Spam blocking rejects mail at the server if it fails to meet certain widely accepted standards, or if it has come from a site that has been listed on specific blocklists. You get to select which blocklists to attend to, and which standards to insist on.

These options can be configured from the webmail interface, under Advanced Anti-Spam Options.

Spam Filtering
Spam filtering examines mail that has been delivered to your account and (at your discretion) discards it, saves it to a special folder, and/or modifies the subject line so you recognize it as likely spam. You can configure your spam filtering from the webmail interface or, if you prefer, you can run it from procmail.

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