V-Colo: Panix Colocated Virtual Servers

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Have you ever wished you could afford to put your own hardware onto a high bandwidth connection, but given up when you saw colocation prices?

Panix V-Colo Service gives you your own private virtual server, ready for you to configure or program as you wish, connected to the Internet by our bandwidth, for a fraction of the cost of putting a physical machine in a colocation room.

Our Virtual Servers? run under the Xen hypervisor?. (Technical info on Xen can be found here.) Xen is an Open Source project like Linux. Over the last few years it has become a dominant force, becoming a de facto standard in virtualization. It has the support of almost all of the major industry players, including Intel, IBM, AMD, Cisco, Dell, HP, Novell, and Red Hat, among others.

With Panix V-Colo, you get a Linux or BSD system of your own. You have root access, so you can build or download and use whatever software you want, as long as it's legal and within our terms of service. If you choose, your server will come with Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Python, and other software preloaded, ready for you to configure your own web server. If not, you can roll your own.

You can use Panix V-Colos as web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, or as file servers. You can mirror your local servers, build staging servers for all your web sites, run parallel servers with new software versions or configurations... The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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