Internet Access

Panix offers individuals and companies of any size on-demand or full-time connections to the Internet.

Connect a single computer, a LAN, or a large routed network at the speed that suits you. We can provide customized configurations including tunnels, multihoming, BGP support, and more.

Panix has multiple Gigabit connections to the Internet, and we monitor our network 24 hours a day. If your connection goes down or experiences any problems, we will notify you and begin looking into the problem immediately. If necessary, we will contact the telco and open a trouble ticket. Regardless, we will stay involved until the problem is solved.

Dedicated Lines
T3 and fractional T3
For mission-critical connectivity, Panix offers a full range of T3 options. Fees vary by location.
T1 and fractional T1
Panix offers a full range of T1 options, including bonded T1s, in most of the United States.
Dialup Connections
Dialup service is available in most of the United States. All Panix dialup services include a Panix shell account. Most people today prefer a broadband connection, but if dialup suits your needs, we're happy to help. Just drop us a note and we'll help you determine how we can best serve you.

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