Rules for users

Our rules are intended to protect us, our users, and the Net. We state them firmly, so they may sound harsh, but very few of our users in our entire history have ever been affected or unduly restricted by them.

We try to keep our regulations to a minimum, so these are the ones that must be obeyed. Failure to comply may result in immediate termination of your account without refund.

Please do not try to be creative about circumventing our rules. We're generally nice folks with an excellent reputation for being reasonable; if you have a problem with them, bring it to us.

The Rules
These are the rules that apply to all accounts.

Depending on the kind of account you have and how you use it, some or all of the rules below may also apply to you.
Restrictions on shell accounts
Using "cron" and "at"
Using "screen", "tmux" and "mosh"

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