Forwarded Domain Service

Forwarded Domain Email will set up one or more forwarding addresses within a domain, and redirect mail they receive to real email accounts or mailboxes. Users authorized to handle accounting for their domain can manage aliases and mailboxes via the secure server at

Forwarded Domain Email is perfect for anyone who wants a common domain name for email addresses in their organization, but doesn't need the hassle of running a mailserver.

(If you're looking to set up a Web site in your domain too, our Web Service includes email forwarding as part of the base package.)

Base Prices:
Forwarded Domain Email: $5/month, $50/year prepaid
Fees for domain name registration:
Your registrar will bill you directly.
No setup fee
The Base Price Includes:
Prices listed are for the complete package, regardless of whether you opt to use all features included. Services and resources cannot be shared among accounts unless otherwise stated.
Add mailboxes
If you need actual mailboxes rather than forwarding addresses, we can add them for you. An individual mailbox is $5/month ($50/year prepaid), or you can buy them in blocks of ten.

For more information, or to get started, please send email to

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