Protecting your Privacy on Panix

The Internet is huge, and growing at an enormous rate. This may seem a statement of the obvious, but it's wise to consider the implications of that growth.

As in any boom town, the Internet and its growth attract their share of hucksters, hawkers, predators, reprobates and malicious people. Most of them are fairly reasonable, but there are some folks you need to watch out for. Some are scammers, looking for a likely target. Some are kooks who may try to harrass you, and many of them will waste a lot of your precious time if you let them.

Panix has been protecting the privacy of our users since our inception in 1989, through a variety of means:

Protecting Your Real-World Information
Panix will not give out your real-world information (address, phone number, even your real name if you choose to withhold it) to anyone, at any time, for any reason short of legal obligation. If you want to protect yourself from harrassment, or just want to stem the flood of advertisements directed at you, we will help.
Our No-Harrassment Policy
Our commitment to privacy also extends to our users. Our rules and restrictions prohibit Panix users from harrassing anyone, violating anyone's privacy, or sending unsolicited commercial email or Usenet posts ("spam") over the Internet.
Opt-in Spam Blocking
Panix provides opt-in spam-blocking at the mail server via the Advanced Anti-spam Options in webmail. These powerful tools rejects mail before it even reaches your account. Read about it.
Shared E-mail Filters
Even if you take precautions against giving out your information, occasionally some unwanted email will get through. At Panix, we've implemented a number of features that you can use to cut down on the amount of spam you receive.
Encryption and Authentication
There is a wide variety of software available to encrypt your email and other communications, and to add greater security to your login authentication. Panix works to provide the greatest possible compatibility with these programs, and support for the ones which require server-side portions.

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