Our policy with respect to "cron" and "at"

In general, users are not permitted persistent processes, nor do we encourage running processes while not actively logged in. We permit cron (and at) access as an exception to this rule.

We set up cron and at for users on demand on panix2 (panix2.panix.com). To establish or edit the crontab file, or to use "at" you have to be logged into that host.

Our policy with respect to both is simple: If we find that anything you're running is behaving in an anti-social manner, we'll stop it and ask you to fix it before you run it again. If you don't get it fixed and persist in running it, we'll certainly disable your cron and/or permission and perhaps even your account. (This would not happen without our notifying you. In our history, we've never had to terminate an account because of this kind of abuse.)

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