Add-ons to your shell account

A Panix account provides more than just Internet access. Here are a few examples of what else is available:
These are not add-ons, they're included.
Personal Web pages:
This is not an add-on. Personal web pages (on the "" server) are included with all Panix shell accounts.
Security and encryption:
This isn't an add-on either. Panix makes a number of enhanced security features available to all single-user account subscribers at no cost. From the everyday safety of a hard-to-crack password, to "s/key" One-Time Password capability, to fully encrypted authentication and communication via SSH, Panix can help you protect your account from unauthorized access. If you'd like more information about these options, please just drop us a line.
MySQL database:
Also not an add-on. Panix now offers a MySQL database as a standard feature for single user accounts. Database disk usage is included in your disk quota.
WordPress blog:
Still not an add-on. Panix will install WordPress into your web space on request, or you can use our installer (/usr/local/bin/installwp) to automate the installation process. Be sure to get your database set up before running this - you'll need the database information for the WordPress installer.
Here are the real add-ons:
Additional mailboxes:
Need more email addresses, for yourself or your family?
Extra disk space:
Additional disk space on our RAID server is available in 1.5 GB blocks for $5/month per block or ($50/year prepaid). If your account has billing privileges, you can add or reduce disk space at' Alternatively, you can send us email and we will adjust your disk allocation as instructed.

All Panix accounts are subject to the terms and restrictions found in The Panix Rules of Use. Some accounts and features may be subject to additional restrictions; see The Panix Policies page for details.

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