Why we limit forwarding

Supposing the address yourname@yourdomain (hosted at Panix) forwards to you@someplace_else. Any spam that comes to yourname@yourdomain will be forwarded to the server that handles the mail for someplace_else-- and it will come from Panix's servers. That means that any complaints about that spam will reflect on Panix's servers, even though it didn't originate here and passed through our server only because of the alias.

It's especially problematic at places like AOL, that have implented procedures to make it very easy for users to report spam. Some of these places also increment a "spam counter" for the sending site, which can lead to the blocking of mail from that site.

In order to facilitate the continued timely flow of email between these sites and Panix, we therefore require that users put anti-spam protection into place before using autmoatic forwarding.

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