Contacting Panix Staff

Note: The panix offices are not currently open for personal visits.

You can reach the office by phone during our business hours: 10am-6pm (NYC time) M-F at +1 (212) 741-4400. General questions can be sent to; we'll usually respond the same day.

When sending email, if you use a return address in another domain, please make sure to include your Panix username when you send mail to staff so we know which account is involved. Even when you have what appears to be a generic question, the answer may depend on the kind of account you have, or your shell, or something else that we could figure out immediately given your login, but might have a hard time answering in the abstract.

System Emergencies

In the case of a dire emergency, try to send a "hey" to a staff member, or use the telephone. If you can't find anyone that way, send email to staff and mark it Urgent if you know how. Email about security problems can be addressed to security. We read mail to security on a very frequent basis.

Email is the preferred mode for communications with staff unless for some reason email is not available to you.
[Note: Users who forge mail headers to prevent receiving unsolicited e-mail must correct this when sending mail to PANIX staff. We will not answer mail with headers deliberately fudged so as to complicate the process of replying.]

Please use staff or other staff addresses rather than sending email to any individual staffer, and include a descriptive subject line on whatever mail you send. Failure to do either of these is likely to result in a delayed response to your query.

Other Staff Resources

If you have a question about using panix facilities, or about how certain programs behave, your best bet is to post in the panix.questions group. If your question is purely administrative, or you don't kow how to use newsgroups, then you should mail to Also, if you know that something in your account is broken and that staff intervention (i.e. superuser privileges) will be required to fix it, mail to (or a "hey" to a staffer) is better than the news group.

In sending mail to Panix, please don't send text as an attachment. Include it in the main message. Thanks.

ALL QUESTIONS regarding accounting, money issues, etc., such as "did you receive my check yet?", or "why didn't you turn on my internet access?", should be directed to the accounting staff (email: The postal address for mailing payments is in the Help System under Paying for Panix.

General comments and suggestions about the system can be mailed to

If you're pretty certain you've hit a real bug in the UNIX system, mail to

Mailing to "root" is a bad idea since the root mailbox is used by the system for many purposes, and your mail might be buried for weeks before a human sees it.

You can reach the office by phone during our business hours (10am-6pm (NYC time) M-F) at +1 (212) 741-4400.

All other questions should be sent via email to staff, or directed to the main office number at +1 (212) 741-4400. Thanks.

Although maintaining the services Panix already offers takes priority, Panix tries to be responsive to requests from users for new services. If you think there would be sufficient demand for panix to install some new program or provide a new kind of service, please post about it in the newsgroup panix.upgrade. This newsgroup is also for questions about how planned or recent upgrades affect user accounts.

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