Netnews Transgressions

We are one of the most respected public access sites in the world; we expect those of our users who participate in Usenet and other netnews exchanges to familiarize themselves with the basics of "Netiquette" as described in the periodic postings to news.announce.newusers, and even in this day and age, we continue to hold our users to appropriate standards.

Our "shogun" software, now in wide use, monitors the number of posts made by any user over the course of a day. Posts above the limit are sent to a holding directory until administrators verify that they're not spam. The limit is configurable. It is not our purpose to limit the number of legitimate posts made by any of our users, but only to allow ourselves time to intervene should anyone try to flood the newsgroups from our network.

News shogun can also be use to disable posting access to net news without disabling a shell account. While we have never had to use it that way, repeated instances of posting in violation of newsgroup charters, for instance could cause us to change that record. Again, you are reminded to become familiar with the Netiquette Guidelines documents in this help system, and to adhere to the standards they suggest.

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