T1s and Fractional T1s

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Panix offers a full range of T1 options, for mission-critical broadband applications of all sizes! Panix Business Express SDSL customers who switch to a fractional or full T1 leased line can do so with no penalty. Panix will waive the early termination fee for the SDSL line if one exists.

These offers are available at sites anywhere in the NY Metropolitan area that MegaPath services! For specifics at your location, please send inquiries to staff@panix.com.

T1 Base Packages:
Dedicated T1, 1.5 Mbps: (none)
Fractional T1, 768 Kbps: (none)
Fractional T1, 384 Kbps: (none)
Installation fee: (none): Ask us
Prices do not include taxes and FCC user fees:
The total of these charges on our dedicated T1 service as of January 2012 is (none)
(Charges apply for missed appointments)
Multiple T1s can be bonded into faster links
(3.0 Mbps, 4.5 Mbps, or 6.0 Mbps) at no extra cost.
Email staff@panix.com or
call Corporate Services
(212)741-4400, option 3, for details.
Special router offer!
Special offers subject to change without notice
Samsung iBG1000(none)

The Base Package includes:

  • Full-time (24 hours x 7 days a week) multi-user access to the Internet on a fractional or full T1 leased line.
  • Routing - Panix will allocate a range of IP addresses for your network. You can divide your network into subnets for technical or administrative purposes.
  • Domain Name Service - Panix will provide primary DNS (domain name service) and/or secondary DNS for up to 16 domain names, at no extra charge. Name service for additional domains is available; see Add-Ons.
  • Newsfeed - Panix will supply an optional newsfeed for USENET newsgroups of your choice, at no extra charge. (This requires a working NNTP server on your end.)
  • Complimentary single-user maintenance account with PPP and shell access to Panix, for administrative use.
Prices listed are for the complete package, regardless of whether you opt to use all features included. Services and resources cannot be shared among accounts unless otherwise stated.
Charges: Customer is responsible for charges incurred for missed installation appointments.
All T1 circuits require a 1-year contract. Early disconnection incurs a $250 penalty.
Additional IP addresses

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