V-Colo Control Panel: Server Console Access

Please note that the "demo" user ID does not work with the console server.

To access your server's console, you must connect to our console server. Options for doing so include
  1. https://consoles.panix.com/
  2. ssh://consoles.panix.com

Note that option 2 will only work if your browser knows about ssh. If it doesn't, you'll have to start ssh by hand.

Once connected, log in using the same login and password you use to access https://config.panix.com . You'll see a menu that looks like this:
Please enter one of the following to connect to, or reboot a system:

    Enter this                    To do this
    --------------------------    ----------------------------
    vc293                         Connect to vc293 "My V-Colo"

    logout                        Disconnect from this console server


If you have multiple V-Colos, they'll all show up in the menu.

SSH keys for consoles.panix.com

These two links are text files on our secure server that contain RSA and ED25519 public keys suitable for inclusion in an SSH known-hosts file. You can copy/paste them, or download them. Their fingerprints are:

RSA (MD5): 43:2a:87:06:00:27:d2:61:18:ee:89:85:5a:82:f7:d1
RSA (SHA256): ue6J0VPPjY7z6FR8zkwKiILejodCzdM4PXl/8e0e65A
ED25519 (MD5): 3b:b8:ad:16:b4:94:2f:01:5f:77:36:d1:35:c3:0c:7c
ED25519 (SHA256): Ff8K9Ly44M2jHAdINjwSLZKOg9nSMLoDwljsT80iQJ8

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