Panix V-Colo VPS: Basic information

You can find your hostname and IP address in the email you received upon setup.

Should you need console access, you can reach that via ssh to You can log in with the management username and password you chose on the sign-up form.

Automatic backup

Your VPS is pre-installed with the settings that allow Panix's backup servers to connect and make backup copies of your hard disk.

  1. inetd is installed and running, and listening on port 873 (rsync)
  2. /etc/rsyncd.conf contains settings that allows Panix's backup server ( to backup your disk.
If you wish automatic backup to work:
  1. Don't firewall the backup server ( on the rsync port TCP (873)
  2. Don't unconfigure the things we set up for it to work (inetd and the rsync config files /etc/rsyncd.conf).

Please read our FAQ on things VColo.
If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to email, or call us at +1 (212) 741-4400 Our office hours are 10am-6pm (NYC time) M-F.

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