Panix Cheap-Web Service

Panix Cheap-Web Service offers the convenience and clarity of your own domain name for Web and email addresses, at a very affordable price. It doesn't include everything that's available with our fuller-featured web services, but if you don't need all of that, Cheap-Web could be the service for you.

Cheap-Web details
$5/month ($50/year prepaid).
No setup fee
Pricing does not include fees for domain registration. Your registrar will bill you directly. You are responsible for renewing your domain in a timely manner.

Cheap-Web requires a UNIX shell account. You may have as many cheap web sites and domains as you like. Each domain name is another Cheap-Web service. You may ask us to point your personal web page (www.panix.com/~yourusername) at one of these sites, or keep it separate.

Cheap-Web Includes
  • 1 Web site with your domain name (details below).
  • Maintenance access via FTP and/or UNIX shell.
  • Domain Name Service (DNS): Panix will provide primary name service for your domain.
  • Unlimited email aliases (forwarding addresses) in your domain.
  • Site administration email aliases: postmaster, webmaster.
  • 6 GB disk storage on our RAID fileserver (details below).
  • 10 GB transfers per month (details below).
  • SSL (Secure Server). (No monthly fee, but installation fees may apply; details below)
  • CGI programming supported in C, C++, UNIX shell, Perl, Python, and PHP.

Prices listed are for the complete package, regardless of whether you opt to use all features included. Services and resources cannot be shared among accounts unless otherwise stated.

FTP sites and certain other extras are not available with this service. If your Web presence requires some of these, please refer to the other Panix Web Site Hosting offerings.

Cheap-web Extras and Add-ons

You can purchase any of the following for your cheap-web account:


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