Panix Standard Web Service

Panix's Standard Standard Web Service provides a package that you can customize to meet your needs. Select the options that are right for you.

Panix Standard Web Service - Base Package:
$35/month ($350/year prepaid)
No setup fee
Price includes an enhanced UNIX shell

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The Standard Web Base Package includes
  • 1 Web site with your domain name (details below).
  • 1 FTP site in your domain, for anonymous FTP (optional).
  • Maintenance access via FTP and/or UNIX shell.
  • Email for the site's webmaster via IMAP and/or UNIX shell.
  • Primary Domain Name Service (DNS): Panix will provide primary name service for your domain.
  • 10 mailboxes in your domain, each with 6 GB RAID-protected disk space.
  • Unlimited email aliases (forwarding addresses) in your domain.
  • 12 GB disk storage on our RAID fileserver (details below).
  • 100 GB transfers per month (details below).
  • SSL (Secure Server). (Installation fees may apply; details below)
  • CGI programming supported in C, C++, UNIX shell, Perl, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

Standard Web Extras and Add-Ons:

You can purchase any of the following to enhance your web site:
  • Pricing does not include fees for domain registration. Your registrar will bill you directly. You are responsible for renewing your domain in a timely manner.
  • Your disk space allocation is a quota. RAID-protected disk storage allows rapid failure recovery with no down time, and immediate access to snapshot backups that we run several times daily.
  • Your disk quota is the total for your account. It includes not only the files in your home directory space, but also the files in your web space and in any MySQL databases you may have.
    You can purchase additional disk space if you need it.
  • For certificates issued by letsencrypt.org, there are no installation fees, and the certificate itself is free. For certificates from other issuers, there is an SSL installation charge of $25 for each certificate (new or renewal) in addition to the cost of the certificate itself; there is no monthly fee in either case.
  • Transfers include all traffic to your Web and FTP sites from outside the Panix network. File transfers to/from Panix accounts or within the Panix network are not counted. Transfers in excess of your allocation cost $0.10/GB.

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